About Dana Hanes Dance Company

DHDC is a dance studio located in Ottawa, Ontario offering elite competitive dance instruction in a variety of disciplines for all skill levels. We welcome dancers of all ages and offer specialized options for male dancers.

Under the direction of award-winning dance educator & choreographer, Dana Hanes, we first opened our doors in 2014. Since then, we have continued to offer leading dance instruction to dancers in the greater Ottawa area specializing in the following disciplines:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acro-Tumbling

What sets us apart from other Dance Studios in Ottawa is that we approach each student with the same commitment to learning whether they aspire to compete or simply enjoy our general programming on a weekly basis.

Exam opportunities are offered through The Royal Academy of Dance ( RAD) Ballet and ADAPT Jazz and Tap.

Competitive students are coached throughout their process and prepared to the highest of standards.  The training provided allows for senior dancers to pursue careers in dance whether that be in performance or teaching capacities.

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Dana Hanes Dance Company is truly a grouping of people whose love of dance takes priority. Our ‘over and above’ mindset brings us dancers from all over the city.

Our community believes in nurturing and supporting ALL of our dancers in a truly genuine and caring environment. We are privileged to work with children and to be part of their growth – both as dancers and as strong, confident human beings. We work to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard through respectful interaction while training our dancers to compete at the highest of levels.

Our highly qualified staff knows some dancers need more attention than others, which is why their diverse teaching methods help ensure every student is understood and guided based on their individual needs. Where extra help is required – it is happily provided.

We train all of our students with the same expertise regardless of their varying goals and aspirations.  For the ‘general’ program dancers, there is tailored guidance throughout their dance journeys.  For those who aspire to pursue dance in post-secondary or professionally, we provide coaching and our strong industry contacts and resources to help those dancers work towards successful careers in the dance industry.

DHDC involves and invites our parent community to support their dancers with planned activities where they can be involved in amazing experiences while creating wonderful memories with their children. This family approach has been very successful in helping to foster an encouraging environment through all levels and age groups.

‘For Dancers First’ is our commitment to you!  

Our Unique Philosophy

At DHDC, we are a village first. We’ve worked hard to build a positive learning environment where everyone gets treated equally, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. Our #1 focus is helping all of our dancers achieve their goals and desires. We take a personal interest in seeing our students excel and reach their maximum potential.

Our philosophy is to provide superior dance education, including specialized opportunities outside of the studio walls that enable each of our dancers to reach their goals and provide them with life experience at the same time.

We recognize that each child is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to guide them through their dance journey while helping them thrive as individuals. We share in each other’s talents, collaborate as a team, and grow together as dancers and individuals. We believe in creating good people first and great dancers second.

Through our award-winning instruction, our dancers gain the technique, confidence, performance skills and overall training to prepare them for competition on a national and international level, or for a career in the dance industry, teaching or performing, should they choose to take that path.

Our students develop life skills and through this process they become more:

  • Confident
  • Motivated
  • Focused
  • Disciplined
  • Collaborative
  • Dedicated to their craft
  • Appreciative of the Art of Dance

Interested in learning more about Dana Hanes Dance Company? We would love to hear from you!

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