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At DHDC, we believe in creating well-rounded dancers by providing full opportunity in all styles. Since each discipline brings something unique and valuable to the table, it’s important to understand that by combining training, superior skill sets are created.

We design training programs to best suit our student’s individual talents and their goals.  We offer more specialized coaching to support each dancer to reach the desired level of achievement. While maintaining constant communication between instructors, our students and their parents, we ensure that every dancer thrives and reaches their full potential.

There is a clear and personal investment in each of our students as DHDC staff are dedicated to your children and the art of dance.

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Ballet is the foundation of a strong dance technique and overall skill.  Our ballet programming is based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus structure, while Pointe work is introduced to students after being assessed as capable. Our ‘open’ ballet classes allow for further strengthening components that carry over to other aspects of dance training.  We offer annual opportunities for RAD Ballet Examinations.

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Jazz is provided in both classic and high-energy Jazz Funk styles with  musical theatre-based movement as well as more modern-day video or production styles.

Classes are based on the ADAPT syllabus for training/skill and participation in annual examinations.

The choreographic component allows dancers to work on combinations to develop an appropriate ‘style’ and the highest level of performance skill.

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Lyrical style dance is based on ballet technique where the strength of sustaining solid leg lines meets the fluidity and grace of the upper body.  Great amounts of control and technique are required along with the performance aspect of ‘storytelling’ being the key.

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Contemporary dance is a more versatile form of ‘expression’ where the use of body shapes and less conventional ‘steps’ are encouraged. It draws from all dance techniques and requires superior core strength. The training comes in creating quality and depth of movement through resistance. This form of dance is often used to relay stories and emotion  since dancers are encouraged to free themselves from the rigidity of ‘rules’.

At DHDC we provide both Lyrical and Contemporary experiences within the structure of our Jazz classes.  As dancers become more skilled, we encourage their willingness to express and to develop confidence in stepping outside of the box by introducing both of these disciplines into the jazz class structure.

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Tap provides strong training in musicality and rhythm.  The detailed footwork is supported in class with the use of the ADAPT syllabus for annual exam preparation while we also engage in combinations of steps to increase skill in sound quality and distinction. Tap is often understood as creating music with one’s feet where skill is developed in using shading and tone to greater levels of expertise.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop represents an energetic form of dance prompting students to develop uniqueness in their style.  There is a strong development of coordination with small detailed and specific movements.  Since Hip Hop is rooted in ‘street dance’ – where conventional dance training was not typical – ‘style’ has superseded traditional dance technique, as this genre has grown in its popularity.

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Acro – Tumbling*

Acro combines the precision and strength of acrobatics and gymnastics with the art of classical dance.  The class components include a focus on core strength for stability, balance and ‘placement’, upper body and shoulder strength, and general flexibility. There has been a strong influence of acro-based movements in Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary dance, therefore some class time is dedicated to introducing those elements as well.

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Preschool Programming

Me and My Mini

(12-24 Months Old)

If you have an active 12–24-month-old who loves to explore movement, then this is the class for you. This is a parent-accompanied class that will teach toddlers how to control their bodies through small dance sequences, games, and music. Learn coordination and rhythm all while having fun, moving and shaking! Parents can wear comfortable clothes and non-marking sneakers; toddlers can wear ballet slippers or clean indoor-running shoes.

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Tiny Tots (2-Year-Olds)

(2-Year Olds)

If you have a 2-year-old who bops to the beat when music comes on or who seems to have endless amounts of energy, this is the class for you. This is an excellent introduction to unparented dance lessons in a fun and encouraging environment. Through creative movement and dance, children learn the fundamentals of jazz and ballet. Teachers use dance games and props to help children have fun while learning basic dance movements.   

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Kinder (3-4 Years Old) 

(3-4 Years Old)

If you have a 3- or 4-year-old who is curious about the fundamentals of dance or who just loves to flutter around the house, this is the class for you. This engaging and energetic program is designed to help your child build a strong dance foundation while building confidence and having fun. They will learn the terminology and technique around ballet and jazz steps while having the time of their lives.  

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How to choose the right class:  

Generally, your dancer must be at the minimum age by the first day of class. We recognize that dancers can grow out of their class before the end of the year, but we encourage kids to stick together for the year! If you feel your child should switch classes for the next term, we are happy to discuss the best fit for your little dancer.  

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