At DHDC, each dancer’s needs matter, whether they’re planning on pursuing a career in dance, or not. Either way – we encourage all our dancers to be the best that they can be.

When you as parents, invest in your child’s dance education – we, as dance teachers, make a real investment in your child.

Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself!


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About Dana Hanes Dance Company

Dana Hanes Dance Company is unlike any other dance studio you’ve seen before.

Our director, Dana Hanes, is an award-winning teacher & choreographer who believes that with the right tools, all children can find success in dance as well as in life.

At DHDC, we are a family – everyone in our space is equal. We believe that every “win,” big or small, on stage or in the studio, deserves to be celebrated by everyone. We have a team of teachers and parents who work together to create moments of pride and happiness and help the exceptional kids at our studio grow as dancers and as individuals. Come and check us out!

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